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I want to bring you unusual, unique accessories for you and your home. High quality skin care products that work. Fashion items that enhance your natural beauty. But I also want our artisans and co-operatives to make a decent living so that they can build their business, continue with their traditional craftsmanship and pass it on to the next generation. And they earn enough money to give their children a good education. Which I believe helps for a better understanding about preserving their and ultimately our environment.

At Cebra we believe in trade, not aid. We think it is better to give people a purpose in life. Not make them dependant on handouts that keep them in poverty and without motivation. Of course, where there are food and water shortages we all need to do something to help overcome a desperate situation that could otherwise escalate into a humanitarian crisis or warfare. However, we should also look into preserving century old knowledge and craftsmanship that would vanish if nobody cared for and preserved them.

We also believe that fair trade and sustainability should go hand in hand. Wherever possible our suppliers use sustainable, recycled or raw materials and natural dyes. All items are hand made and therefore unique. We use recycled or recyclable packaging when sending out our goods and we are currently looking into a scheme to offset our own carbon footprint.

We want you to feel safe in the knowledge that you can make a difference when you purchase our hand crafted fair trade and eco accessories and our organic and vegan skin care products.